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GoPro Drones Are Coming, Confirms CEO Nick Woodman

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San Mateo, California-based  GoPro is getting ready to introduce its very own, brand new drones. GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman confirmed the fact while speaking with TechCrunch’s Matt Burns at the ongoing Disrupt SF conference.

While the company had not really released an official statement pertaining to the same, Nick certainly confirmed it, talking at length about the yet-to-come drone’s future, among other topics.

Development is on track for the first half of 2016. We have some differentiations that are right in the GoPro alley,

While certainly out of the blue, the announcement is not really all that surprising. After all, where else is a company that is already doing a roaring business in high-definition, small-sized, action cameras is expected to look towards while considering the future?

GoPro is perfectly placed to start producing cameras and attaching drones to them — or the other way around — and this is exactly what it is going to do.

Take the Hero 4 session for example, being branded as GoPro’s smallest camera ever, the Hero 4 boasts of 8-megapixel sensors, 170-degree wide-angle lens and much more.

The Session doesn’t look like a GoPro that we’re used to. We tried to make the smallest, lightest, most convenient GoPro we could ever imagine. It’s waterproof out of the box,

Needless to say, the GoPro cameras are doing well. In fact, the only reason they are not doing even better, according to Woodman is, because they are simply so durable. What’s more, besides being tiny, the Hero 4 session is also Waterproof and Shockproof — in short, total drone material.

It seems like the guys over at GoPro also realized it along with the huge potential a company producing drones for the general public would have in the future, and started quietly chipping away at the project.

A drone opens up a perspective for our world that we’ve never seen before, I think it’s awe-inspiring to see yourself in the world in that way.

Reading between the lines, I would say that the next year or so may actually see GoPro drones hovering over our heads.

The company is also working on new social sharing tools, which let you share clips to your followers on different social platforms. The GoPro cameras already allow that, on Instagram for example, however those videos are very short and GoPro is looking to change just that.

We’re in the process of building out a cloud-based solution to do that — it’s taking longer than we expected. You capture an experience, you come home, get on the network. You can imagine your GoPro offloading your content to the cloud

From there on, the GoPro servers will take over and then you have video clips a couple of minutes long, that could presumably be watched via a GoPro app on mobile, desktop, Xbox etc.

Woodman also talked about competition — which is something GoPro has been having its fair share of — and the process of constantly staying ahead of it.

You’ve got to be relentless. You need a healthy enthusiasm for all your great ideas and be impatient as hell to bring them to reality. Having failed a business before scared the hell out of me. You can never say ‘we made it.’ That’s when you get hit by the competitor trucks. If you don’t feel like you’re relentless, chances are you’re competing with somebody who is.



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