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Telegram Founder Says Whatsapp Sucks And That Telegram Now Delivers 12 Billion Messages A Day

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At the recent TechCrunch Disrupt conference in SanFran, chat messenger Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov announced that the number of messages being delivered through Telegram increased by 2 billion from August to reach 12 billion messages.

And while that number is less than a sixth of WhatsApp might be delivering with over 15 times more users, it did not stop Durov from taking a dig at the undisputed market leader saying that WhatsApp “sucked”.

And to prove his point, he talked about major drawbacks of WhatsApp that it did not allow users to access messages in the event of their phone going down. He further added that WhatsApp did not take the privacy of users seriously and also did not allow to send documents, both features being core parts of Telegram .

He also disclosed the company’s plans to bring a third party payment service to Telegram and developing the service on the lines of Facebook Messenger.

Durov also commented upon the privacy feature of Telegram which apart from being a major reason behind its adoption by users, is also rumored to be used by terrorist groups such as ISIS.

He acknowledged the war going on in the Middle East and the possibility of Telegram being used by terrorists but defended the service by terming privacy more important than the fear of bad things happening, like terrorism.

Merely two years old, Telegram is yet to raise any funds from investors and as per Durov, it won’t happen in near future as the company liked being independent and they had enough funds to go on for a while.

The company seems to be running on a bootstrapped basis with the help of money gained by Durov by the sale of his shares in the Russian social network Vkontakte. Although exact amount of deal was never disclosed, the deal was reportedly worth $300 Million.


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