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Samsung Unveils Serif TV, A Television Set Which Is Inspired By Fonts

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Samsung has unveiled an altogether new range of TVs, called ‘Serif TV’, designed by renowned French furniture designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and a series which is insipired by font family by the same name. 

Serif TV is more subtle; it doesn’t exude power. It is made to fit in the world we live in

Samsung says.

So instead of a thin, flat panel which goes into your wall, you have a ‘’traditional meets modern’’ style TV set on which you can put small decorative items on its shelf-like surface on the top. This is due to an I-shaped frame whose top and bottom are slightly protruding out and looks like font ‘’I’’ when looked from side.

It also features a fabric panel on the backside to hide connectors and ports. On top of all this, to complete a retro look, one can attach legs to it to stand on the floor although it can also sustain without such stand. 

Its presence is like an object; you can turn around and manipulate it. It can stand anywhere – even on the floor using the legs,’

the designer duo said.

Although major changes are on the design front, there are a few changes in the user interface as well. The Bouroullec brothers have also redesigned the existing TV software to create a simple and intuitive user interface along with a simple remote control. There is a new “curtain” view in the TV which allows users to access a clock, Bluetooth speakers, apps and their photo gallery.

The Serif TV is expected to go on sale from November 2 but will be available only in the U.K., France, Denmark, and Sweden initially. It will come in three sizes (24 inches, 32-inches and 40-inches) and colors (blue, white and red).

However one has to shell out more than the usual for this designer TV as the smallest TV is priced at £499 in the UK and while the price of other two versions have not yet been disclosed, some reports indicate that the price could go well above £1000 in the UK for the 40-inch version.

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