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Myntra Launches In-House Fashion Brand Moda Rapido, And It Is Powered By AI

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Myntra, the online fashion store owned by Flipkart has launched a separate fashion brand Moda Rapido powered by artificial intelligence. The brand will have a robot called Artie which would help people to discover products according to the fashion trends and their particular tastes in style.

People can discover latest fashions styles and trends which consumers all over the world are looking for with the help of the software and Myntra would help to meet those particular demands with its supply-chain.

We will bring new products every week. We will react to everything that is selling well, go back and make it, and bring it for our customers in 20 days,

said Gautam Kotamraju, senior vice president for new initiatives at Myntra.

Currently, the feature is limited to items such as jeans and t-shirts for men and women and soon it will include other clothing items as well. The company plans to eventually share these data and insights with their suppliers from 2016 so that they can come up with items according to the demand of people.

It took eight months for a 20 member tech team at Bengaluru facility of Myntra to build this brand powered by artificial intelligence.

Our artificial intelligence tells us what material we have on one side and what people are liking on the other side and therefore it puts across a basic skeletal framework together for the in-house designers, who would then tweak the designs according to the demand,

explained Kotamraju.

Myntra is one of the many ecommerce companies who are constantly innovating on technological front to increase user engagement and enhance user experience on their websites.For instance, the parent company of Myntra, Flipkart recently launched a messaging platform called Ping which helps customers to make a buying decision by consulting friends or family in real time.

It has also come up with a Image Search feature which allows users to upload the photo of the products they need to buy and find it over their platform.

The biggest rival of Flipkart, Snapdeal is also not behind and has in fact made a $100 million investment in its Multimedia Research Lab at Bengaluru focussed on developing in-house and cutting-edge technology solutions for Snapdeal.

It recently introduced the first product out of this lab which is a product discovery platform for fashion category, called findmystyle.in allowing customers to find and buy exactly what they want without using traditional searches based on filters like price, brands, keyword, etc.


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