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Google Might Unveil Its Next-Gen Chromecast With Updated Design And Features On September 29th

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It has been almost two years since Chromecast, the little dongle like device from Google hit the markets and surpassed all expectations of people from it. Now according to internal documents received by 9to5google, next generation Chromecast is on its way and may get launched in the upcoming September 29 event of Google where two new Nexus phones are also supposed to be launched.

As per the documents, there are major changes in Chromecast both on the design front and features front. In fact, the popular “dongle” form factor seems to be completely done away with and replaced by a spherical balloon like design with a small extrusion probably to connect to HDMI ports. In addition to the design, there are significant changes in the features also, for example WiFi connectivity is upgraded from existing  802.11b/g/n to a faster 802.11ac band.

There is a new feature called Fast Play which would enable the users establish a quick connection and play content seamlessly on pressing the Cast button on connected device. This is said to be one of the most reported problems in the current Chromecast where users do not get the required speed and seamless connectivity while playing content.

The new Chromecast would also have support for content feeds which may be the feeds from social media accounts which could be displayed when Chromecast is in its screensaver mode. The existing version allows the users to toggle between weather and art updates or personal photos to be displayed during this mode.

Another feature which is said to be a part of next generation Chromecast is Chromecast Audio through which users can connect any regular old speaker to Chromecast via an auxiliary cable bringing high quality audio to to any speaker or audio system in the home. This is unlike the existing feature Google Cast for Audio which essentially is Google’s platform for making speakers and other audio hardware directly compatible with the Chromecast protocols.

New Chromecast is rumored to launch in at least 10 countries and according to the same source Spotify too can come up with Chromecast support in its app. Although these are just mere speculations about what may or may not be and it remains to be seen what Google actually has in store for us on September 29.


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