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NGINX Brings Full Fledged HTTP/2 Support To The Latest NGINX Plus R7

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NGINX, the web server company which calls itself the secret heart of the modern web, powering 1 in 3 of the world’s busiest sites and applications as of now, has brought the next generation of HTTP, HTTP/2 to the latest version of its flagship product NGINX Plus R7.

NGINX Plus R7 is an application delivery platform and its latest version is the first web server application to implement fully supported new HTTP/2 web standard.The announcement came via a detailed blog post underlining various technical changes.

HTTP/2 is partly based on Google’s SPDY protocol and at present the browser support is for HTTP/2 is still patchy and until that is resolved, company recommends the users to stick with using SPDY as the default accelerated HTTP protocol. Apart from HTTP/2 which has also resulted into better security, there are other major changes which come in the update like improved load balancing support for TCP so users will be able to set connection limits and bandwidth limitations for TCP connections.

The new version also supports NT LAN Manager (NTLM) authentication which means that users can deploy NGINX Plus in front of legacy Microsoft applications which has been a popular user demand. Apart from it, there are major changes which has made monitoring, management, and debugging easier along with additional security and performance-optimizing features.

User can now access detailed monitoring and statistics data related to tracking client errors, internal NGINX activity, and the SSL load on the services to help identify problems and tune configuration. The new version also sports a new and updated dashboard which comes with a tabbed interface to provide more detailed views of NGINX performance and health.

The NGINX open source project was started in 2002 and since then has grown exponentially during the past 10 years, becoming the number 1 web server at the top 100,000 websites, with nearly half of the world’s busiest sites using NGINX to deliver their applications to billions of users.

We have helped hundreds of new customers deploy their applications with NGINX Plus in the past year, and our latest release is really about providing them with even more tools to ensure the best possible experience for their users,

said Gus Robertson, CEO at NGINX, Inc in the blog post announcement.

The company is also witnessing lots of financial institutions and insurance companies as well as government entities who have shown an interest in employing NGINX services.


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