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Google Says Enough, Sues Company Making Robocalls In Its Names

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Google has trained its guns on a search engine optimization (SEO) company and is suing it for making “Robocalls” while claiming affiliation with the software giant.

For those who are blessedly unaware of Robocalls, the term is basically a fancy name for an automated call that makes you listen to a message on behalf of a particular company. While irritating at best and seriously distracting at worst, these calls are one of the easiest — and cheapest — ways for companies to market their goods and services since all you need, theoretically, is a directory and a system capable of making calls and playing a pre-recorded message.

However, this time the so-called Robocallers have gone too far. While advertising companies using automated calls is a legal, if somewhat ‘annoying’ method of getting their message across to consumers, using Google’s name is certainly not. Google is certainly not amused. As per, Brad Wetherall, Google My Business operations manager,

Robocallers have targeted Google users for many years, callers commonly bombard recipients — usually small business owners or individuals — with misleading offers and promotions for improving Google Search and AdWords rankings, or to improve their Google My Business profile.

The company has been receiving a virtual fusilade of complaints this year alone from people who picked up their phones, only to receive irrelevant calls that were from companies ‘supposedly’ connected to Google. Well, one of those companies put its neck out too far and has been pinpointed by Google.

The software giant is now bringing the power of law to bear and has already sued ‘Local Lighthouse Corp’ a California-based company, which was calling people while claiming to be associated with Google. Brad Wetherall remarked on the case in a blog post, stating that,

Today we’re filing an action in California against one search engine optimization company for making these robocalls and confusing our users, It’s unfortunate when a problem must be addressed in a court of law, but we believe this course of action will protect our users and discourage this practice more broadly.”

The suit was filed in the Norther District of California and the company is probably looking to get a clear warning message across to all would be robocallers, that associate themselves with Google in any way.


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