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Eventbrite Introduces Sync, Now Integrate Your Data Right Into Salesforce

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Eventbrite has launched a brand new synchronizing application that will allow businesses to connect their Salesforce instances straight into their ticketing platforms. The application has been available in beta for quite some while now, but the company launched it for the general public, only today.

Speaking on the topic, Salesforce’s senior vice president for global AppExchange and partner programs, Ron Huddleston said,

Companies are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners and employees to thrive in today’s connected world, By leveraging the power of the Salesforce1 Platform, EventbriteSync provides customers with the proven social, mobile and connected cloud technologies to accelerate business success.

The extension will be specially helpful to businesses that put on events as a component to their mission. Eventbrite tools such as Salesforce, are bound to prove a great help while organizing conferences, races, fests, and other annual shows.

What’s more, the app also provides what is being termed as  “bi-directional sync.” What this means is that not only can the Event data created through the ticketing platform be synced to Salesforce but the contact lists and promo codes can also be transferred back to Eventbrite. These contacts and promos can then be used during marketing campaigns.

However, the app is not completely seamless — at least not just yet. Apparently you can not select specific data, such as contact lists, individuals, etc., all without having to make the switch between Salesforce and Eventbrite, even after synchronization. That being said, what you do get, is still a giant leap ahead.

The app, which is free globally, can be downloaded and enabled via Salesforce’s AppExchange. After downloading and enabling the extension, Users can log into Eventbrite using OAuth2 authentication to link their accounts with Salesforce. Once that part is done, a 1:1 relationship will be created, after which all that would be left is the configuration and mapping of data.

The company started working on the ‘integrations with Salesforce’ in response to a virtual torrent of requests it received from various interested parties. While there certainly were third-party applications that provided similar solutions, they could not quite live up to expectations, hence the need for a native integration.

As such, Eventbrite’s Salesforce extension is bound to prove a godsend. The addition, which takes the total number of integrations into the app to more than 130, is also welcome because it will allow Eventbrite to reach a higher tier of enterprise companies, which include the likes of Pardot, Eloqua, Microsoft Dynamics, Survemetrics etc.

EventbriteSync is available to customers worldwide with support in various languages such as French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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