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Uber To Allow Easy Switching Between Business And Personal Profiles On Its Uber For Business Platform

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Everyone’s Private Driver Uber is now coming up with a new feature called Business Profiles on its Uber for Business platform in the US. San Francisco based taxi company announced that its users who use Uber both for business and personal usage would be able to seamlessly switch between personal and business profiles with a single account.

Previously they had to remember to manually log out from their personal account and log in to the business account while going on official rides. 

We realized that business trips on Uber weren’t seamless yet,

said Max Crowley, Uber for Business lead.

People had to remember to switch between their personal and business accounts and had to to deal with receipts individually.

Now under the Business Profiles, an automatically generated receipt will also be sent to user’s workplace email address along with details such as route map, pickup and drop time and location making it easier for employers to track the activities of employees and prevent fraudulent receipt cases. Uber for Business is currently available in 56 countries and over 300 cities all over the world.

According to Uber, Uber for Business has been seeing a significant growth and adaption among business organizations with over 50000 business signed up for its service and over 250000 business trips happening daily.

According to Greg Greiner, lead product development, at Uber for Business,

Businesses are saving significant amounts of money using Uber,

and claimed that businesses can save over US$1000 ($1401) per employee annually on business travel by using Uber for Business. He further added that they are seeing an increased adoption of Uber for Business due to its ease of use by especially  small businesses which usually do not have expense management software

It is noteworthy that once experiencing a phenomenal pace of growth, Uber has been experiencing a bit showdown with less than stellar performance in China as well as India which is Uber’s second largest market outside the US.

Valued at around $50 billion, Uber has been making many key changes in its strategy, adopting innovative ways to lure more users and Uber for Business and now Business Profiles is another way to give a boost to the company by engaging business organizations with its service.

Business Profiles is now available in beta for selected users in the US and will be rolled out to everyone in coming weeks.


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