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Stack Exchange Renames Itself Back To Stack Overflow

The company (and not the Q&A network itself) Stack Exchange has been renamed to its old name, Stack Overflow which began in 2008 as a community of developers where one could get their questions about programming answered by fellow developers.

Stack Overflow is in fact the flagship site of a wider Q&A network Stack Exchange which was launched two years after Stack Overflow, to cover a wide variety of topics amounting to around 140, apart from programming. The company name was changed to Stack Exchange an year after that to reflect the focus on a broader network of topics and themes.

However Jay Hanlon, Stack Exchange’s vice president of community growth posted in a blog post today,

We’re changing our company name. As of today, our company will be known as Stack Overflow.

He further explained that the new company name reflects their core philosophy of building useful tools for developers, which was behind the launch of Stack Overflow seven years ago. 

We got here by focusing on underserved developer needs, and asking the world’s developers to help us solve them

He also added that they have so far succeeded by narrowing their focus on developer problems and later expanding to other things and now besides looking for new ways to serve the users, they would stick with original plan and keep doing what they do best, i.e, solving developer problems. Apart from the name, there are minor changes in the logo design as well which has been made simpler and cleaner than the existing one.

At the same time, the blog post also clearly mentioned that the change is to just the company name and their Q&A sites would still be collectively known as the Stack Exchange Network. Jay said,

Our commitment to the Stack Exchange network is completely unchanged, and we’ll continue to invest in its expansion and growth.” 

Jay pointed towards the fact that Stack Exchange is the 47th most visited website in the US (according to QuantCast) without Stack Overflow, getting roughly as many US visitors each month as the New York Times, so they would continue to invest in its expansion and growth.


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