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Sony Renames Project Morpheus To PlayStation VR, All Set For A Demo At Tokyo Game Show

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It seems like Sony has finally rolled up its sleeves and is getting serious with its Virtual Reality prototypes — erstwhile, rather aptly known as Project Morpheus — and now rebranded as PlayStation VR. The company recently made the announcement at its press event before the Tokyo Game Show arrives on the scene.

Movement response time is half for Morpheus, compared to its predecessor. Its got a new 5.7 inch display, which is OLED based, that allows for more vibrant range of colors. What is cool is you can simply shift between reality and the virtual world by pushing the set to the right of your face, without having to remove the whole shebang off your head.

Morpheus works with a tracking system; the combination of camera tracking and gyroscopic angular tracking charts your movements to virtual space. What is important here is tracking movement speed, and Morpheus has done it seamlessly. Graphics rate is at 120 fps, a 0.018 second latency rate(you can not make out the time lag between your movement and the tracked movement in virtual space), a 100 degree field view, screen res stays the same, though, at 1080p high definition.

The soon-to-be-held Tokyo Game show will play host to the Virtual reality headsets, which will be available for thousands of excited fans to put on and try out before it goes public. While the company has remained mum on schedule of shipping, Sony did promise to demo a bunch of titles in the Japanese market. The list of playable titles will include  Danganronpa VR, Hatsune Miku, Summer Lesson, and Final Fantasy XIV. Sweet!

Sony will be competing against HTC’s Vive headset, Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s HoloLens along with several other headsets from smaller companies, however, its likely to have an edge– In the gaming niche at least –considering that not only its been built while keeping gaming in mind, but is also much sleeker than competition.

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