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Opera’s Latest Browser Integrates SurfEasy VPN, Gets Tree View And Animated Backgrounds

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Opera is finally making use of the SurfEasy virtual private networking (VPN) service it acquired earlier this year and has decided to integrate it into its flagship browser for Windows, Mac and Linux, starting with the Opera 32 for desktop, which was announced only today.

Opera is taking it easy though and in the beginning, the integration will be limited to a prompt for downloading SurfEasy when you open a private tab in the Web browser.

However, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that Opera has bigger plans for its latest acquisition — at least if one pays heed to the potential applications of the VPN service. Besides web browser, Opera may decide to make use of the VPN service in its compression-centric proxy service for Android.

The service is not completely free however, and allows for about 500mb of transfer volume before you have to cough up. The desktop version requires you to pay at least $3.99 per month, while you must let go of $2.49 for the mobile app allowing unlimited access.

The new browser also comes with several other, important additions along with SurfEasy, for example, you can choose to sync your password in addition to your bookmarks, tabs and other browser related goodies. Not only that, you can also choose to view your bookmarks in a tree view and if the static background bores you, spice up things by picking a static/animated image of your choice for your speed dial wall.

You can check out Opera’s latest desktop browsers by clicking here.


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