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KnoDues Helps You Prevent Those Awkward Expense Management Conversations With Friends

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A fun get together at movies or a memorable vacation trip with your best buddies sometimes end up in complicated calculations on the back side of a rough notebook or on an excel spreadsheet about who paid where and who owes those 500 bucks to whom.

More complicated than that though, are those really awkward situations and embarrassing reminders among friends. We all have been there and done that and so did two friends Saket Bagda & Sahil Sethi who found these petite things to be really painful after an eventful hangout or a holiday.

And hence was born the idea of an app which could solve this problem and which is now available as KnoDues, fondly called as their Shared Expenses Buddy by its creators.

KnoDues is a smartphone app designed to ease out the complications faced in tracking & splitting of shared expenses with friends. It helps the users to know all their dues among friends at any point in time and also has facilities which can help in sending reminders on one click and encourage settling dues in a timely fashion. KnoDues allows you and your friends to keep a track of all your shared expenses on the go.

The login process involves a 2 step process in which user has to add his/her phone number and then has to enter a 5 digit verification code sent to that number to confirm his/her identity. This method of login which does not require any email id works entirely on phone number which makes it extremely handy to share expenses on the go as the app automatically syncs the contact book of the user, so friends don’t need to be added to the app first in order to add expenses.


It instantly sends push updates to friends with app for any new expenses added and SMS alert for those friends who are not having the app. Also, the app provides friends access to a common shared screen where all dues can be seen and expenses can be added or edited from either ends.

On the home screen of app one could see a list of amount balance shown against each contact’s name which is the cumulative balance for that contact after accounting for all past expenses shared with that contact & the summary balances of all events with that particular contact.

All past expenses shared with the particular contact can be viewed on the Account Details page, which are listed in a chronological order. The details of any expense can be seen by the user by tapping on that particular expense.


The Account Details page has some more interesting functions for example, user can remind friends for their outstanding dues with just a single tap. In case the user has a payable balance, he/she can inform friends as to when they intend to settle their outstanding dues. According to the balance, users see either Remind or the Inform button.


The user is also provided with options to edit or delete an expense added by him/her. The users also have the option to comment on an expense. The comment feature comes in very handy in case the user wishes to discuss any particular expense with his/her friends.

Another interesting feature of the app is the feature to create an event, say a holiday trip where one can add the friends going on trip to the event and record all the expenses of the trip under that event. Expenses can be added by all the contacts who have been added to the Event.


KnoDues automatically summarises all the expenses that have been added under the Event & indicates as to who owes how much to whom for the Event. The same can be viewed on the Event Summary page. All final balances from the Event Summary page are transferred directly to individual accounts, to make it easy for the user to view complete account details of a contact from a single window.

All in all one can say KnoDues can prove to be a pretty useful app for keeping track of shared expenses among friends with fun to use cool features. The app is built on latest Android Studio Platform which is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android Application Development. It interacts with the backend which is built on PHP platform through web-services.

Both the founders, Saket Bagda & Sahil Sethi who are alumnus of IBS Hyderabad and TAPMI respectively began their formal work on app in March 2015 and are currently running the organization on a bootstrapped basis.

In future they intend to make KnoDues an end-to-end solution for its users in terms of managing shared expenses by incorporating various new exciting features & functionality to the app, based on the feedback they have received so far from the current users. Currently available on Android, KnoDues will soon be available on iOS also.

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