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Non-Profit Startup The Nudge Foundation Nabs $200K Investment From Nandan Nilekani To Skill The Unskilled

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Infosys co-founder and former chairman of UIDAI, Nandan Nilekani, has committed $200K in The Nudge Foundation (written as The/Nudge), a nonprofit organization looking to set up residential “gurukuls” where in skill based training would be provided to below-poverty people in order to alleviate poverty.

This was revealed by Gurpreet Singh who is President-Asia, GWC at the ongoing Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Bengaluru. GWC, which is also the organizer of the conference has also made an investment of $50K into in the organization.

The Nudge was set up by former InMobi executive Atul Sathija in July 2014 with a mission to impart basic skill sets such as housekeeping , delivery, beautician, driving and housekeeping, primarily to prepare individuals from below-poverty line for grey collar jobs.

In addition to these job-specific skills, the major focus of program would be on teaching life-skills such as personality development, financial management, social employability and literacy which would in fact cover 75% of the course.

These soft skills and not hard skills, as per Atul Sathija, carry the solution for alleviating poverty. After the successful completion of course, these people would also be given jobs. The training would be given under a four month long residential program based on the concept of “gurukuls”.

There are prominent names associated with The Nudge Foundation such as Pramath Raj Sinha, founding dean of Indian School of Business, WhatsApp’s vice president Neeraj Arora, Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra, InMobi’s co-founder Naveen Tewari who all are serving as the advisory members of The Nudge Foundation.

There are also plans to scale up the services of The Nudge Foundation where any individual or NGO could set up a gurukul by taking the franchise of the program and using its content, delivery and placement services for the betterment of people.


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