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Periscope Now Supports Mutual Sharing, Landscape Mode For Viewing Broadcasts

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Periscope has rolled out an update today which will enable users to broadcast and watch streams even when your mobile device is in landscape mode. The addition is much-needed, considering the fact that users often complained about having to crane their necks while watching videos that were shot in portrait, and with Apple TV right on the horizon — the move is even more welcome.

Apple announced an upgraded Apple TV box yesterday that is going to come packed with an App store and what’s more, Periscope is going to be among one of the first apps gracing the store. The app in fact, was present on stage at Apple’s press event in San Francisco, where the new Apple TV App Store was discussed and although it wasn’t demoed in the event, it was certainly one of the highlights of the show.

Periscope’s TV app is naturally going to focus on letting viewers watch streams, and the move is certainly going to go a long way towards increasing the ease of use. Talking about its app in a blog post, the company said,

You asked, we delivered! In the latest version of iOS and Android, Periscopers can now hold their phones either in portrait or landscape. Here’s how it works: Viewers can continue holding their device in portrait, or match the broadcaster’s orientation to maintain full screen video. Either way, you’ll never need to tilt your head to watch sideways video.

Another rather interesting feature on offer is the Facebook Sharing option. Users who have logged in from the iOS Settings app, can share broadcasts with everyone by simply posting the link to a live broadcast or replay to Facebook.

The feature is a pretty good example of how corporations are now collaborating for mutual benefits, considering that Periscope is actually owned by twitter, which is often at loggerheads with Facebook — even in the live streaming section itself, where Facebook is only recently coming into its own.

Apart from the landscape mode, there are other goodies on offer too. For example, Periscope’s iOS app update also includes a few other tweaks, including a brand new “share indication”. Periscope has also made the process of turning chat on or off easier.

Similarly, private broadcasting has also been made easier via ‘Mutual Follow’ — where you can choose to share broadcasts with people whom you follow, and who also follow you.


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