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Microsoft Launches Updates To Office Apps For iPad Pro, iOS9 And Watch OS2

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Moments after Apple introduced perhaps its most ambitious iPad, the iPad Pro, Microsoft has announced updates to its Office apps; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Translator to effectively make use of the new features and especially the 12.9 inch screen of iPad Pro.

In fact, considering that Apple is targeting Enterprise customers with iPad Pro, Microsoft’s Office suite becomes quintessential for Apple — hence the centre stage launch demo provided to the Redmond giant today.

There are significant changes in the apps keeping in mind the iOS 9 and new watch OS 2. Take a look at some of the major areas where some of the prominent changes are made in the new Office Apps which will be available as soon as new version of iPad, iOS and Watch OS hit the market:

1. Multitasking

Thanks to the incredibly monstrous wide screen of iPad Pro and features like Slide Over and Split View on iOS 9, multitasking has been made easy like never before. Now using Slide Over feature, second app can be opened without leaving the first app and both can be used simultaneously, for example, one can consult the notes in Word while preparing a presentation on PowerPoint. In a similar manner,  Split over feature would allow two apps to run at the same time on screen and one can use both the apps at the same time.

Outlook has also received significant changes and one can now click on any attachment in the Outlook which would get opened in in the second screen without closing the mail view. You can make changes in the attachment and attach the edited file in a new message with a single click. While giving presentation on an external display through iPad via Presenter View, one can use Split View and OneNote to scroll through the talking points while audience can only see the slide on display.

2. Inking

One of the major features of iPad Pro is the inking ability which is made even more attractive by the Apple Pencil offering by Apple. Office has also made inking easier in Office apps by providing  new tools including pens, highlighters, an easy-to-use thickness control and a new color wheel which make the editing documents on the go using Apple pencil pretty intuitive to use. Besides this, inking-specific features like shape recognition in PowerPoint, the apps turn the Apple Pencil into a first-class content creation tool.

3. Intelligent Search and Wireless Keyboard Support

The search results on iPad or iPhone will now also include Onenote notes and Outlook email messages. For those using wireless keyboard with iPad, Office now supports various keyboard shortcuts which can be assessed by hitting the Command key. For example, to start a new message in Outlook, once can simply tap  ⌘n.

4. Translator and Outlook updates in Apple Watch

New Watch OS 2 can now display upcoming appointments and incoming mail messages from Outlook on its screen itself. By using Time Travel by turning the digital crown on Apple Watch, one can also view all the appointments which are scheduled for later that day or tomorrow.

Microsoft Translator app, which was launched a month ago and has been getting rave reviews from the users, would also receive new update for the new watch iOS and now a recent or pinned translation can be played back later through the watch speaker. Not only this, when you are abroad, the translator app can show the commonly used phrases such as Good morning or good evening in the local language on its screen. This can be accessed in advance also by using Time Travel on Apple Watch which could come very handy while traveling.


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