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Microsoft Confirms Office 2016 Will Be Available Starting September 22nd

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Microsoft has finally confirmed, that its Office 2016 Suite will be available to the general public, starting September 22nd.

The Software has been available in private preview since the past few months, first in a private preview mode followed by a public preview that has been open ever since May.

Microsoft’s latest word processing software features a whole bunch of brand new, fascinating updates. For one, it’s now much easier for teams to edit documents. Documents can now be synced directly to the cloud, so that multiple people can access and edit them in real-time. This is in accordance with CEO Satya Nadella’s June announcement, in which he stressed the need for a “an intelligent cloud platform”

And that’s not all folks, Microsoft Office is expected to bring along a whole lot of similar upgrades.

Until now, Microsoft Office has been officially available for Mac, since July. The company had previously announced that the standalone app would be available starting September – Although, the announcement did not specifically point out Mac back then.

However, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that office 2016 will be made available to everyone – Mac and Windows alike — starting the 22nd.


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