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Google Collaborates With More Partners To Offer Hosting Solutions, Enter CDN Interconnect

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Google stopped offering that free, easy to use content delivery network (CDN) service as a consequence of shutting down its free PageSpeed Service last month. The software giant is currently collaborating with partners such as Fastly to enable developers to host their static assets as close to their users as possible.

However, considering the fact that most of its competitors do have CDN services of their own — which puts Google at rather a disadvantage — Google is now notching up the level of its collaboration by bringing other service providers into its fold. Enter CDN interconnect, a service which — and I quote Google here — ” allows select CDN providers to establish direct interconnect links with Google’s edge network at various locations”.

The company has partnered up with a number of giants such as CloudFlare, Fastly, Highwinds and Level 3 Communications to allow to ease things for developers who host their apps on the cloud.

The service has been made available as part of Google’s Cloud Interconnect Service which allows businesses connections straight to Google over enterprise grade — Yeah, that does mean approximately about what you think, way better than average — and direct peerage with Google at over 70 global edge locations.

The service is not limited merely to developers who host their apps on the cloud, but will also allow developers who need it, to serve their content while paying reduced amount for egress traffic to CDN locations.

As to Google’s reasons behind providing this service,

To encourage the best practice of regularly distributing content originating from Cloud Platform out to the edge close to your end-users. Google provides a private, high-performance link between Cloud Platform and the CDN providers we work with, allowing your content to travel a low-latency, reliable route from our data centers out to your users.

Well, when you stop to consider the fact that the net size of webpages is progressively increasing with time, CDNs are really the only viable solution. As such, Google’s latest forays into the field of providing virtual solutions, is only natural.

As to why Google closed its CDN services despite the growing potential of the field, i don’t know. It may just be that Google is taking a break before it seriously delves into the whole CDN business. Not someone to disappoint users though, its filling the gaps for now, by directing consumers to its partner service providers. Read more about the topic, right here !


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