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All You Need To Know About 3D Touch On The New iPhones

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Apple has announced the iPhone 6s, and from what we have sen so far, the device packs a whole bunch of brand new and eye-popping features. While the brand new Camera and Chips packed under the hood are certainly impressive, the new Force Touch-enabled display with its ‘3D Touch’, is even more so.

Like the futuristic sounding name implies, the feature is pretty new and opens up whole, unexplored avenues of possibilities for app developers and user experience designers. Basically, the 3-D touch feature enables the iPhone 6s to sense the amount of pressure a user is exerting on the screen. What use is that? Some of you may wonder.

Well, thanks to the 3D touch, a tap, a light press and a deep press are now all officially different and Apple, now marks a distinction between all three. Obviously, the difference could be — and is — utilized in order to ease navigation and provide a whole bunch of shortcuts.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.06.43 am

For example, deep pressing on a destination in Apple Maps causes the app to launch turn-by-turn directions — something which would otherwise require the user to go through at least a few steps. Similarly, in the music app, add a song to your queue or save it to a playlist by simply making use of the Force Touch feature — as opposed to pressing the button with its three little dots.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.02.12 am

Apple is also allowing users to preview a website with a deep press on a link in Safari. Similarly, deep press a profile picture to call someone and a message to preview the whole conversation while as often as not, shortcuts will surround your finger as you change the amount of pressure being exerted by your fingertips.

Apple has also made provisions so that the user knows exactly what he is doing. A deep press prompts your device to slight vibrations, letting you know that yes, Force Touch has been activated — similar to how things happened on the watch — however, the gestures, which while very handy on the small-sized Watch, may lose some of their helpfulness on the actual device.

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