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Number Of Apps On The Watch App Store Roll Over 11K With More Expected After OS 2.0 Launch

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So Apple is getting ready to host its big event tonight, which among other things, will feature Apple Watch’s brand new software, Watch OS 2.0. On the very eve of the event, app store analytics firm App Annie has spiced things up by releasing some brand new data on the status of the Watch App Store today.

According to the firm, the number of apps on the watch store has shot to 11,469 — up from 6,352 in only June and 7,567 in July — figures that indicate the success of Apple’s developer ecosystem more than anything else. Similarly the fact that Apple allows developers a very flexible environment to work on, along with new developement tools everyday and their own eagerness to experiment with new platforms is the reason behind this sudden growth.

Also, the fact that Apple Watch apps are packaged with the iOS release, which allows developers to extend their current app or game to the watchOS platform — thus cutting down a lot of work — helps.

However, an interesting thing that came to light out of App Annie’s survey of the Watch Store — where trends are similar to those on the App Store — was the fact that, the largest number of apps could be found in the ‘Games’ category. Somewhat odd when you stop and consider the size of the screen — and then wonder how, and indeed why, would someone choose to play games on a screen that small.

‘Games’ was closely followed by ‘Utilities’ — Understandable, considering that getting things done via something on your wrist would certainly be infinitely more preferable than having to whip out your phone for every little thing.  Lifestyle (863), ‘Health and Fitness (787), Entertainment (769), Travel (762), Productivity (761), Education (659), Finance (617), and Sports (454) together completed the list.

Also, with the release of watchOS 2.0, we can only expect these numbers to increase. With the new OS, developers will not only be able to run apps natively on the device, but will could also enable apps to occupy positions right on the Watch screens. The overall performance and the speed of the sensing capabilities is also expected to substantially increase with the new Os.

We also expect a new sub-category of apps to arise out of the brand new OS. For one, we may see a range of apps that allow the watch to read body temperature while communication via the Taptic Engine in real-time may also be a future possibility by deploying the Watch’s unique features.

Apple is expected to announce the launch date for the new watch OS 2.0 at its San Francisco “Hey Siri” event, to be held later today.


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