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Facebook Messenger Is Coming To The Apple Watch

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Apple Watch is finally getting the Facebook Messenger!!

Yes sir, the watch will finally be getting one of the most popular IM apps for its own, that will allow users to send text messages, audio messages, and share their locations with each other, all from their wrists!

With 700 million monthly users, its one of the most popular messaging apps in the US, and a collaboration between the messenger and the Watch makes sense, considering the US’s infatuation with Apple.

The move bodes ill for Voxer, Glide, and Telegram — all of which were hoping to plug the gap for a popular messaging app in Facebooks absence. Now that the messenger is in the field though, things are bound to change.

Though Facebook did not originally offer an app with the original launch of Apple’s Watch, with many blaming the absence on the fact that the news feed was rather too large to fit on Apple’s watch screen. However, Instagram did offer the option to view its pictures using the Watch.

Well, seems like Facebook has developed something along the same lines too!

More on it as we get it!


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