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LinkedIn Announces New Content Series To Showcase The Best Of Talents In Different Fields

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LinkedIn has personified Social Networking for professionals since inception, and along the same lines, is now launching a brand new publication series that is aimed at showing off the potential of its network to enhance their ( professionals and corporations) career and economic graphs.

Known as LinkedIn Lists, the quarterly publication will aim to bring to the world’s attention, a selected group of members and companies, that according to LinkedIn are

doing extraordinary work and transforming their fields.

The first part of the series — which has been dubbed the “Next Wave”, appropriately we think — includes 150 professionals across 15 industries. Another special thing about these special 150, is the fact that not only are they all at the top of the ladder in their respective fields, but all are also under 35 years of age.

Speaking on the topic, Dan Roth, Executive Editor, Linkedin said

Our goal is to make the world’s professionally relevant news and knowledge accessible through LinkedIn. One of the ways we do that is by finding the people and companies who are making news and spreading knowledge. The Next Wavers are setting trends, creating innovative ways to tackle problems, and establishing themselves as the leaders others want to follow.

The first list of the “Next Wave” includes names like Amazon’s senior product manager Laura Ridlehoover — who helped create the Dash button, Photographer Gray Malin, Whitney Wolfe , Tinder cofounder and creator of dating app Bumble, Politico’s vice president of operations Katherine Lehr and others. All in all, a quite impressive little list.

While the above names mostly belong to the enterprise and consumer technology space, the list also includes names across entertainment, health care, energy, finance, retail, fashion and a whole spectrum of other sectors.

While LinkedIn may be expecting its list to prove inspiring and perhaps helpful to others, it’s certainly not doing this solely to help others. The list is bound to generate hype as users compete against each other to ensure that they have a chance to be on the next list.

Talking about the list, while it’s not entirely handpicked –as many would like to think — it does include nominations from LinkedIn editors and influencers. Other factors that went into deciding the list include factors such as which public profiles were viewed the most by their peers, social engagement performance and also data pulled from Newsle, which was acquired by LinkedIn back in 2014.

The move gives another push to LinkedIn’s overall strategy of developing a digital map of the global economy by employing the relationship between people, jobs, skills, companies, and professional knowledge — using data from LinkedIn in real-time.

The next along the series, which is stipulated to come at an unknown time in the future, will focus on the best new voices on the social network, including the likes of the best brand developers.


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