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Firefox Arrives On iOS, Mozilla Launches First Public Preview In New Zealand

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Mozilla has finally launched Firefox browser for iOS by bringing a public preview version in New Zealand for testing and collecting feedback. The announcement came via a Mozilla blog post, thus finally pulling the curtains of a much awaited iOS version.

Mozilla writes,

With this first public preview we will be collecting feedback in one country, before we extend availability to get feedback in a few more countries prior to a full public launch.

It will be rolled out to the Apple store in other countries later this year after any required changes on the basis of the feedback.

Mozilla is collecting feedback on its browser’s most distinctive and popular features such as Intelligent Search which provides suggested search results and the choice of search providers; Firefox Accounts which allow the users to sync their browser activities across different devices and Visual Tabs which helps in keeping track of open tabs. One can send their feedback directly by accessing the Settings menu and going to Support option from there.

Apple is known for its strict security measures when it comes to running of third party browser engines and only allows those browsers which follow Apple’s own JavaScript and rendering engines. Chrome and Opera browsers run in iOS as they have complied with these restrictions and Mozilla for a long time had refused to work with Apple to provide its browser for iOS as Apple did not allow Mozilla to use its own web engine iOS platform.

Although at one time, Mozilla did provide its native iPhone application focussed on sync, Firefox Home for iPhone users which enabled the users to sync their bookmarks, history and open tabs. But it dropped the project in 2012 and just made the source available on GitHub, free of Mozilla trademarks and ready for independent development for users who wanted to continue using it.

But given the popularity of iPhones and its increasing users across the world and with the new CEO on board who joined last year, Firefox finally changed its stance last year when it officially acknowledged to be experimenting with Firefox for iOS in order to provide an independent choice to their users on any platform.


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