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This Amazing BauBax Travel Jacket Has Pocketed A Whopping $8.5 Million On Kickstarter

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One jacket for all your travel needs, be it a neck pillow, gloves, eye mask, ear phone holder or multiple pockets for carrying your passport, tablet, sunglasses or even a portable charger and a blanket. You name it, and it is there. Termed as the Swiss Army Knife of Travel Jackets, the Baubax jacket comes with 15 such super-cool features making it an ideal travel companion to take care of your travel needs.

Initially set out to raise $20000 via crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter which began on July 3, Baubax has already found over 40000 backers raising a whopping $8.5 million in 2 months and mind you, the number is still counting before the campaign ends today. It has already become one of the most funded clothing item in the history of cloud funding according to the Kickstarter website and recently became the 5th most funded item on Kickstarter.

The jacket comes in 4 styles Sweatshirt, Windbreaker, Bomber, and Blazer; available for both men and women and is available at a discounted price, starting at $129 for Sweatshirt style and going up to $149 for the more expensive Blazer. The discounted price can be availed before the ending of campaign. Each of the above variety boasts of individual unique features, for example, sweatshirt comes in 100% cotton, Windbreaker has water repellent quality for outdoors, Bomber has a fleece lining and Blazer is wrinkle free.



The story behind the inception of Baubax is as interesting as the jacket itself.

Hiral Sangavi while pursuing his MBA at the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago had to frequently fly at weekends to meet his wife Yoganshi Shah and used to do his school work on laptop while on flight. He found it difficult to order a drink for himself due to the filled up space before his seat. Moreover, due to his forgetful nature, he had accumulated many neck pillows with him, four in Chicago and five in San Francisco to be precise.

That’s when Yoganshi came up with an idea of putting everything needed in travel into a single jacket (which now has a separate drink pocket and inbuilt neck pillow among other features) as living in Chicago where there is winter for 7-8 months; jacket was one thing which her hubby would never forget during his travels.

Yoganshi Shah who is now Chief Design Officer at Baubax, did most of the design work while CEO of Baubax, Mr Sanghavi who is said to have an extensive experience in manufacturing helped in the design to make it easy for manufacturing.

After the crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter ends today, the jacket will begin shipping in November with an aim to attract buyers as a perfect gift for the festive and holiday season. The retail prices are expected to be $160 for the sweatshirt, $175 for the windbreaker and bomber, and $200 for the blazer before taxes and shipping according to the company.

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