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Google Launches Chrome Extension For Classroom, Enables Teachers To Push Notifications To An Entire Class

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In a bid to improve its online platform for teachers, Google is providing Classroom with a useful little addition that will let teachers share a link with their students at once, without even having to give out a URL. The feature, which has been christened Share To Classroom, is available starting today.

Look at it this way, if all the members of a class are using using a Chrome browser and are logged in using their own profiles, the teacher can go to any webpage and use the classroom extension to quickly pick a class to share the page with.

Every student logged in at that moment will receive a notification and will be able to view the webpage on their browsers, irrespective of their geographic position. Sweet!

The feature is bound to make it easier for teachers, who previously, were constantly struggling with getting content across to their students and who now, wont have to fuss with writing URLs on a board or making sure that everyone seeing the link in their instant message.

Well, taken with the integration with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and the Google Calendar (recently) that it provides, the ability to post questions to their class and even reuse assignments, the year old platform seems well on its way to becoming one of the best destinations out there for student-teacher interaction.

A fitting present for the Teacher’s Day, which here in India, is just around the corner.


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