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Facebook Tops The Chart For Most Downloaded iOS Apps, Clash Of Clans Edges Out Candy Crush In Revenue

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App store analytics firm App Annie released a report today, which offered some interesting new insights into the most popular applications available on the iOS store. As predictable as it may sound, Facebook topped the list of the most downloaded app of all time, also landing spots in various other categories such as the Facebook Messenger (#2), Instagram (#4) and WhatsApp Messenger (#6).

App Annie, which prepared these reports by analysing data from as far back as 2010 — when it first started tracking the app store — placed Facebook and it’s messenger service on the top 2 spots of the list of most downloaded apps of all time.

Google’s YouTube service and Microsoft’s Skype managed to obtain 3rd and 5th spots on the list while Facebook subsidiaries, Instagram and Whatsapp Messager were on 4th and 6th places, respectively. Apple’s Find My iPhone at #7, the iTunes U app at #10 and Twitter at #9 completed the list, making it exclusive to world’s top corporations.

Country-wise, the US was placed at the top of the list and accounted for most downloads of every single app in the top ten list. Also, according to the firm, China may have contributed significantly to the iTunes U app’s presence on the top 10 list, accounting for most downloads after the US, globally.

Another factor that jumped out while looking over this list was the fact that almost every one of the apps on the list was over 4 years old. It is quite obvious that most of these apps are must-haves for smartphones and indeed, are ones that users install on purchasing a new device.

Strangely enough though, the top 10 most downloaded apps are not also the ones making the most money. This section is dominated by relatively newer entrants belonging mostly to the entertainment and dating/communication niche. The list is topped by Pandora — with US accounting for most almost all of its revenue! — followed by LINE, Zoosk, Apple’s Pages, Spotify, Badoo, Skype, At Bat, Grindr, and LINE PLAY respectively.

Skype was the only app which managed spots on both the most downloaded and th top grossing lists.

Apple’s Pages — which became free for all new iOS devices, starting October 2013 — was the only paid app on the list, with others operating on a freemium model. However, it managed to occupy a slot in spite of being free now, thanks to the revenue it has generated in the past.

Another very interesting nugget of information that came to light was the fact that apart from the already mentioned iTunes U app none of the 19 apps in the download and revenue rankings managed to land spots in even the top 50 apps by monthly usage list in China. This is in strong contrast to the rest of the world, where these apps are also among the most used ones and can probably be put down to the strong culture of using home-brewed apps in China.

In the top games list (All Time), Candy Crush expectedly topped the charts, becoming the #1 iPhone game in over 100 countries. Surprisingly though, Supercell’s Clash of the Clans beat it in terms of revenue, becoming the most grossing game ever. Supercell seems to be having a particularly good run in terms of profits, with a total of three games — Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Boom Beach — in the top 10 grossing list.

The list brought the game addict’s preference for swipe based games to the fore with 7 out of the top 10 operating on the same. Japanese games also put up a good show with Puzzle & Dragons and Monster Strike coming in at #3 and #5 respectively.


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