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Apple Has Sold Over A Million Apple Watches In China, Says Chinese Analytics Firm

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Apple’s ambitious Apple Watch has been on sale since April and as has been with every other gadget out there, we have Jack, who claims that the watch is fantastic and he is definitely going to buy on and John, who says it’s just okay and he is never going to touch it, leaving everyone unable to form a definite view of how it’s actually doing in the market.

And to further complicate matters, Apple is abstaining from sharing its market statistics with anyone –CEO Tim Cook merely remarking that sales for the watch in its first quarter exceeded “internal expectations”.

However, a recent big data analysis by a Chinese company called TalkingData — an app monitoring platform favored by some 80,000 apps, including China’s WeChat with its 549 million active users — promises to shed some light on the matter.

According to the company, 1.07 million of those Apple Watches in total were sold in China alone, a figure which seems to auger well for the company. While not an exact figure, the data is pretty reliable considering that TalkingData has a huge database of users to draw upon for its findings.

The figure is also in tune with CEO Cook’s letter last month to CNBC’s Jim Crammer, in which he reassured investors by stating that Apple’s business in China is doing just fine.

However, the initial, launch euphoria surrounding the watch seems to be wearing off as the number of sales are slowly but surely declining.

Speaking on the topic, UBS analyst Steven Milunovich estimates that Apple sold about 2.2 million units in the June quarter — data based on web searches — and is likely to sell a total of 20 million watches in 2016 fiscal year — with US, Canada, UK, and Hong Kong leading the rest of the world where the watch has ben made available, in terms of numbers.

On China, he said

China is difficult to read, though Hong Kong can be a good indicator.

However, once Apple decides to launch its Apple Watch  — which is available for sale only in 19 countries as of now — in other places around the globe too, the data might very well undergo some changes.


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