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LinkedIn’s Messaging Tool Gets Chat-Like interface With Sticker, Emoticons And Even GIFs

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The social network for professionals LinkedIn, has finally come up with a more casual chat like interface in its new messaging feature which apart from supporting photos and documents — also comes with GIFs, stickers and emoticons support.

The feature for now is being rolled out to 10% of English global users and is expected to support other languages in the coming weeks.

Although LinkedIn already has its own messaging feature known as InMail, but the feature looks hardly appealing and nothing more than just another email message, especially to the young professionals who make a majority of LinkedIn members.

However, LinkedIn seems to be really listening to all the complaints and negative feedback it has been receiving of late.

To start with, LinkedIn recently did away with those numerous annoying email notifications. To continue that, it has now revamped InMail by building the new service “from the ground up” which is more modern and carries a cleaner look and interface. As per LinkedIn, now messages are organized around people who “matter to you” and with updated notification system, one can find the most relevant conversations easily.

There are some other changes as well. For example, archiving a message isn’t possible anymore, though you can still access messages which you archived earlier. One can request to be introduced to someone from a mutual connection’s profile page by clicking Request an Intro which would take the person to a pre-populated messaging template which can be customized accordingly.

Also, while forwarding a conversation, one can choose specific messages in that conversation to be forwarded instead of the entire conversation. However, images, attachments, and stickers cannot be forwarded in messages.

Besides these changes, LinkedIn has plans to improve this feature further by bringing an intelligent messaging assistant to LinkedIn much on the lines of Facebook M, Cortana, or Google Now but primarily focussed on improving the overall messaging experience.

The assistant would help users by suggesting people to message or by providing with relevant information about that person before starting a conversation.

Imagine being able to see suggestions for who you should message based on your professional goals or how you can make those conversations even more meaningful with insights on mutual interests, connections in common, professional milestones, etc. These are the kinds of possibilities we foresee.

the company said in a statement to Venture Beat.


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