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Apple Is Eyeing The Original Video Content Market, Says Vanity Report

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Apple Music may not have been able to meet the sky high expectations so far, but if a report from Vanity is to be believed, Apple is already planning to enter into original programming and may produce its own video content in the form of movies or TV shows or both.

This will pitch Apple against the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu who provide similar services. According to Vanity, Apple is said to have held many “preliminary conversations” with many Hollywood executives for producing the content and the team working for it is directly reporting to Eddy Cue — who is Apple’s one-point man for all content related business including iTunes and Apple Music.

However, the report cites contradictory views from its sources as one of the sources pointed towards the possible setting up of long term production and development divisions in Apple who would acquire as well as produce original video content in-house for its customers just like Netflix does. In fact, the source claimed that the hiring process for the same was scheduled in coming months with operations starting next year.

But, as per another source, Apple may just be “flirting” with the idea and the talks were still in early stage. Despite this, there have already been indications of Apple’s interest into this field when it reportedly tried to bid for Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond last month when they exited the show.

Although the bid was eventually won by Amazon who paid $36 million for Jeremy alone, but Apple has been dabbling in providing video content through iTunes as it offers independent films and offer movies on rents before or during their theatrical run through iTunes. Moreover, with Apple Music, the Cupertino giant is already experimenting with original content in music and reportedly also produced in-house music videos for artists such as M.I.A, Drake and Eminem.

However, there is also no information so far as to what would the business model would be like in case Apple really comes up with such service. Although, traditionally Apple has offered songs on iTunes on A-la-Carta (pay per song or episode) basis, its subscription model for Apple Music indicates that Apple is open to provide services in this manner also and can adopt a Netflix style subscription model.


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