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Twitter Allows Stars Access To Funky New Photo And Video Editing Tools, Testing Before Making Them Public ?

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Twitter is apparently planning to release a whole bunch of funky editing tools, that will allow users to showcase their creativity for the world to see. A whole bunch of our favorite pop-stars have already received special access to the unreleased editing features — courtesy Twitter — at MTV’s VMA awards show this weekend.

A bunch of pictures recently surfaced on Twitter, that show Taylor Swift, Pharrell Williams and Big Sean among other stars, flaunt the latest photo and video tools provided by twitter. What’s more, it seems like the singing sensations are being used by twitter to test-drive these features, before it launches them for the general public.

From what we have been able to make out, the new features could allow users to add stickers, doodles, text — and quite possibly much more –to their photos and short video clips.

However, we know that pop-stars are not always the most reliable of sources and as such we didn’t just take their word for it. Lara Cohen, Director of Entertainment Talent, Twitter, also spoke on the topic while commenting upon Taylor Swift’s heavily edited picture-tweets.

Another point in favor of the fact that this is, in fact a new feature twitter is working on is that Lara decided to include Twitter’s Product Manager Jinen Kamdar (@jinen) in her tweets.

We were not able to find out if the feature will be available across the whole website when — and if — it launches, or if it would be available through a standalone app, thanks to the fact that twitter has removed the metadata which shows which app a tweet is posted from.

However, the one hint that was still available, was via TweetDeck — where thankfully, the metadata is still available. According to what we have been able to dig up, Taylor Swift’s video tweets don’t seem to belong to any client in TweetDeck, suggesting that perhaps, all the flashy editing is infact the work of a standalone app.

The move may be an attempt by the company to overtake other social networking platforms that offer picture sharing, and some of which, are already far ahead of twitter. Instagram in particular — with its 300 million strong user base — is already miles ahead in the race, and the fact that it is Facebook-owned can hardly be supposed to make it any easier on twitter.

Well, we expect twitter to speak out on the subject very soon. Stay tuned and we will be sure to keep you updated!


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