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Indian Medical Association Ropes In HealthTech Startup Lybrate To Train Doctors In Digital Healthcare

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Mobile healthcare information startup Lybrate, is now going to train about 2.5 lakhs doctors spread over 30 states and 1700 branches of Indian Medical Association, in using technology to reach out to their patients. The same has been announced under a strategic partnership between Lybrate and IMA

This in turn would help in making digital healthcare more accessible and reliable to common people.

The scope of digital healthcare is immense and if implemented in the right way, it can help solve many problems faced by the sector. We hope to work together with Lybrate towards making healthcare accessible to the people of India.

said Dr A Marthanda Pillai, National President of IMA and Dr KK Aggarwal, secretary general of IMA in a joint statement.

Lybrate is a mobile healthcare communication and delivery platform. It has over 80000 doctors on its platform providing reliable healthcare information to people via its website and mobile phone app.

Through its partnership with IMA spanning over a year, it will coach doctors from IMA to use technology more effectively for communication with patients and also aims to expand its reach to wide network of people and doctors. It will also train the existing medical students so that they could straightaway implement the technology when they begin their medical practice.

Along with fulfilling the vision of Digital India, such kind of partnerships will also improve the bleak healthcare landscape of India. According to a report, there is just one doctor to over 1700 patients in India and technology can play a huge role in to bridging that gap — by at least providing basic healthcare information and advice to people who do not have quick access to any medical professional.

And it becomes imperative to have reliable medical professionals to have on such technology backed platforms to provide authentic and reliable information to people.

According to Lybrate CEO Saurabh Arora, this endeavour will help bridge the skills gap in the healthcare sector with respect to technology as doctors will be taught required technical skills to use digital space in managing their practice better, communicate with more patients without moving from their place of practice as well as to share their experience and knowledge through their platform.

Lybrate had recently scooped in $10.2 Million from existing investor Nexus Venture Partners, and serial investor (had to use that term), Ratan Tata.


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