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Three Years After Acquisition, SlideShare Is Now LinkedIn SlideShare, New Features Introduced

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Its been three years since SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn, However, be that as it may, the company has now (3 years post acquisition) decide to rechristen itself to “LinkedIn SlideShare”, finally presenting itself as a part of LinkedIn.

The service has also introduced a new feature called “clipping” that will allow users to clip out the choicest slides from presentations and then save them to different clipboards. The feature had been available to a select group of users for testing but it’s only now that it’s been made available to the general public.

So how does it work? Well, launching a SlideShare deck on the web, now leads to you the same page which however, now has a” Clip Slide” icon at the bottom-left corner of slides. You can click this button to save that particular slide to a brand new category under your user profile called “My Clipboards.” These slides can later be categorized under titles of your choice, for example Chemistry, career options and so on.

Besides the Share across social media feature, you are also given the ability to make your saved slides public and searchable. Also, if the person who shared that content in the first place — an industry Guru for example — is on Linkedin, you can find them too within clicks.

According to the company, this is just the beginning. The coming time may see SlideShare — or Linkedin SlideShare, rather — swamped by a host of changes and improvements that could include a bunch of tools for better organization, the option to pin-point yourself as an expert on a particular topic and the ability to seek out experts on different topics, when you need them. Sweet!

The sudden drive may be seen as an attempt on LinkedIn’s part to bring SlideShare into limelight. Let’s be fair, while the website does has over 70 million monthly active users with almost 400,000 presentations added each month, almost 80 percent of its traffic comes via search.

Why is that bad you ask ? (After all, website owners run after search-generated traffic !)

This is because, it means that people only visit SlideShare when they want to lay their hands on a particular piece of information, and completely disregard the fact that it’s in fact a social network in its own right and a place where they can discover knowledge, people who share their passion for certain fields and experts in their domains.

Well, LinkedIn is certainly looking to change that and truth be told, an active and buzzing social network for those seeking or wishing to share their knowledge, would in my opinion, be a pretty great thing.


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