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Google Testing Tablescape Successor, Maps To Collect Foodie Photos

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Taking snaps of your delicacies before devouring them is something many people enjoy and sharing them over their social networks is just another bonus. There had been many services over the years that tried to do just that. The only problem was they failed to stay afloat.

Now, Google is looking to enter the scene with a brand new addition to Google Maps that will allow users to share pictures of their favorite food with others. Google has been eyeing the niche since quite some time, first launching Tablescape which had users posting pictures of food on their Google+ profile. The service was more of an experiment and Google closed it down, however, not before it stated that it wasn’t giving up on food photography just yet.

The feature is not available to the general public just yet but just to those under Google’s Local Guide program. And even there, only those who have achieved a level 3 or higher — meaning they’ve written at least 50 reviews — have been invited at the moment. Whenever one of these level 3+ guides post a food related photo, Google Maps prompts them to attach that photo to a location.

For those who are unfamiliar to the whole system, Google’s Local Guides operates along similar lines to the Yelp Elites and indeed, may be seen as a competitor to it. The system encourages users to write reviews of businesses in their areas and offers them perks in return. The perks may range anywhere from informational newsletters to invitations to exclusive events and annual “Thanks You” gifts.

While Google Maps already allow users to upload pictures, allowing a more dedicated core is certainly going to change things for the better. Users may find themselves relying even more heavily on Maps seeing how it now provides relevant information on their favorite places as well.

Using this service, users will receive a notification when Maps has found a newly-captured photo taken at a food-related place on their device, and offer to attach that photo to a location for other users to see. The feature has been rolling out since August 20th and Local Guides will also need to have Location History turned on in order to share their photos via this new feature.

The move forms part of Google’s increasing drive to be present almost everywhere. Another illustration of the same could be how it partnered up with delivery services such as Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24,, BeyondMenu and in order to allow users to grab food directly from Google search results.

Google is also bent into converting its notification service into a virtual assistant that uses information from the surroundings to offer real-time advice to users. For example, it can offer you alerts about the train schedule while you are near a transit station. The recent addition to Map, is part of the same and is accessible by turning on the Location History.


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