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Google Announces Offline Media Import/Export, Where Data Reaches Cloud — Offline

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Google has announced Offline Media Import/Export today, which is a service that can be used by companies to send data stored on hardware to Google’s Cloud Storage service.

Some of you may certainly be thinking that storing data on Google’s servers in nothing new, so why go to the bother of launching a separate service for it? Well, as the Offline in the name implies, using this service allows you to upload data into Google’s cloud without having to depend upon the Internet. You just mail the device that has the data, and forget it.

The service is similar to what Amazon started back in 2009, with its AWS Import/Export

According to a post by Ben Chong, Product manager, Google

This is a solution that allows you to load data into any Google Cloud Storage class (Standard, DRA and Nearline) by sending your physical media — such as hard disk drives (HDDs), tapes, and USB flash drives — to a third-party service provider who uploads data on your behalf.

Also, not only can you now upload data minus all the hassles, the process is faster too. As Ben Chong said,

It’s faster than doing it yourself: Popular business DSL plans feature download speeds that exceed 10Mbps (megabits per second). However, upload speeds generally top out at 1Mbps, with most plans providing just 768kbps (kilobits per second) for upload. This means that uploading a single terabyte (TB) of data will take more than 100 days! This also assumes that no one else is using the same network connection. With Offline Media Import/Export, this process can now be completed in days instead of months.

There you have it. While we do not need to elaborate upon how important cloud storage is, Google’s service may just make those who are undecided about committing to cloud because of all the attendant difficulties, take the leap.

Currently, the only service doing anything in the neighbourhood and provides third-party upload is Iron Mountains that does the uploading in North America. According to Google, Service providers will start offering the service in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region.

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