News Startups Integrates Data Visualization Software Qlik To Boost Customer Experience And Aid Growth

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Amidst all the upheaval inside the company, online real estate platform continues its efforts to increase their overall capabilities and to make their platform more customer friendly. has now sought the services of leading visual data analytic company, Qlik and integrated its Qlik Sense product services to analyze and gather data insights on the growth of the online platform.

Qlik Sense allows the users to gain useful information by analyzing the data from multiple sources and present them in an easy to read and understand, intuitive visual formats enabling the users to gain crucial insights and take informed decisions. says, that it chose Qlik Sense because of its ability to connect to multiple data sources to provide more comprehensive views and because of its responsive design capabilities, which automatically and intelligently optimizes the entire user experience for the device being used.

With responsive design, customers have the freedom to work in any environment without constraint, always getting the optimal experience. quickly gained traction, and with it grew our data volumes and complexities,” said Rishabh Gupta, interim-CEO & COO,  “We have always been a data-driven organization and with growing data we needed a tool that could help us streamline our decision-making process.  By leveraging Qlik’s capabilities we were quickly able to resolve the challenges of scale.” is known for providing their customers with information of only verified properties. By creating high-quality renderings of the properties under construction, including 3D isometric views along with other features like 360 degree Aerial views of sites, it helps the customers to make an informed choice based on maximum data.

By using Qilk services, their In-house Data Collection Team and Data Sciences Lab can further enhance these capabilities to provide additional and unique information to the customers including child-friendliness index, quality of life, and others. In addition to it, it would help  the management and decision making authorities to have a comprehensive understanding of huge amount of data regularly generated and make informed decisions based on it.

This is a crucial time for the digital marketplace as businesses grow more sophisticated and generate more and more data. The ability to deliver consumers a mobile, visual way to access all the information they need is a competitive advantage for organizations who serve up data for decision making.

said Souma Das, Managing Director, Qlik.

Qlik is a software company based in Radnor, Pennsylvania with offices around the world. The company has more than 1700 partners covering over 100 countries. Its various portfolio of products provides a platform-based approach to visual analytics that brings insights and clarity and empowers the entire organization to make decisions with confidence and transforms business analysts and knowledge workers across the organization into indispensable champions.


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