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From Finding Doctors To Recovery Post-Treatment: Credihealth Carves Out A Niche In Digtal Healthcare

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In the age of internet, when every perceivable service is going online with modern technology as a core foundation, healthcare is one of the sectors which still remains largely scattered having been mostly limited to booking doctor appointments online. And considering India’s still dismal preventive (and overall) healthcare scene, one easily understands the necessity of platforms with more than just appointment booking. That’s where Credihealth might help you in.

People in India, still rely on the feedback from their friends, family or neighbours at the time of medical need or when looking for a doctor in a new city. And No, it isn’t healthcare startups or organisations have failed to serve well, its just that the advising part (a core part in India’s healthcare) still hasn’t gone that much digital.

This becomes even more crucial when there’s an emergency and one needs to get to a professional as soon as possible.

In a bid to bridge this gap, Former Max Healthcare COO Ravi Virmani, along with Gaurav Gaggar and Saurabh Uboweja, laid the foundation of Credihealth in 2013 with an aim to bring credible, reliable, and transparent “healthcare information” to people.


In the words of Ravi Virmani, being in the healthcare industry, he often used to get a lot of calls from his friends and family asking for ‘insider’​information about the best doctor or a hospital that would actually focus on treating them rather than on extracting maximum moolah from them which often is the case seen these days.

This led him to come up with a comprehensive health care platform which would not only help in getting information about various hospitals and doctors in the vicinity, but will in fact serve as a friendly companion throughout the treatment and even after that, during rehab through its own teams of various specialists and doctors.


Credihealth offers an easy­ to ­use website with the options to search, compare and select doctors, hospitals and treatments providing the relevant solutions. People can send their queries on the website or request a call back from Credihealth’s team of in-­house doctors.

The list of featured doctors can be accessed according to the locality, specialization and the hospital. It also provides a detailed information regarding consultation fee, years of practice, awards, hospital, appointment slots available, educational background, thereby enabling the users to make an informed choice.


Based on the choice of doctor, the team member schedules an appointment. Post ­appointment and treatment, the team also supports throughout the hospitalisation journey, regularly following up after the procedure for post-­op care or rehab.

In order to help other users as well as to provide a transparent feedback , Credihealth is also planning to come up with a system where users can post their feedbacks and experiences which are verified by the team and posted to the website.

Being an online place for healthcare, technology forms an integral part of the Credihealth as the company uses the latest and preferred technology stack for User Interface and Backend. Cloud hosting is used for keeping the infrastructure flexible, optimize the cost and provides the ability to scale.

Credihealth has tied up with various renowned hospital chains instead of dealing with individual doctors and private clinics. This makes it one of the first of its kind business model working in the healthcare space as most of the other similar platforms work with individual doctors and clinics usually focussed on booking appointments.

Being associated with hospitals themselves, also helps Credihealth to gain the trust of customers who look for reliable and transparent health information.

While I was using Credihealth and exploring various features, I found one particular thing immensely striking, which for me, sets CreditHealth apart from its contemporary platforms and truly captures their aim to become an information intensive and people focussed healthcare platform.

It was their comprehensive blog covering various health issues, FAQs, information about both common and special diseases from the reliable resources and articles from renowned specialists and doctors themselves.


Virmani tells me, that Credihealth is as a result of conscious endeavour of the team to reach to as many as people in Tier-­II and Tier-­III cities as well as rural areas. The team is working towards establishing itself as a healthcare ecosystem where people can quickly find credible and reliable answers to their medical problems, along with easy access to the best healthcare experts to guide them towards a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

Credihealth has till date, been funded by its founders themselves along with Hausela Capital Partners. The startup is right now looking to secure VC funding in order to expand across the country. At present, the services of Credihealth are live in all four metro cities along with Bengaluru and Hyderabad and as they expand to more cities, their primary focus remains the same — to help people deal with all non-­clinical pain points during their hospital journey and set a benchmark in the field of online healthcare service providers.

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We’ll be reviewing CrediHealth (and a lot of other startup products) on ProRev too, in a more critical manner. ProRev is India’s first reviewing platform for new-age products and services. Stay Tuned.

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