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Online Matchmaking Platform Woo Announces TagSearch: A Better Way To Find Your Partner

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Woo, the online matchmaking platform we covered last year, has come up with a brand new feature that it hopes will woo potential users. Titled ‘TagSearch‘, the feature provides a way for like minded people to discover and connect with each other.

The feature basically lets the user decide what kind of people they want to interact with by letting them search and browse user profiles based on interests and passions. While a step apart from the normal search parameters, which include age group and location, woo says that the the addition greatly widens the scope of the search and makes it that much more effective.

For example, people with an interest in any particular field, say books or music or even astronomy, may want to find a partner who shares that interest — A search that may prove to be a bit difficult using conventional means. That is exactly where TagSearch comes in, giving users the ability to browse profiles based on a whole new, interesting set of criteria.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Sumesh Menon, Co-Founder and CEO Woo, said,

The road to meeting that special someone, especially in a culturally complex landscape like India, is quite tricky. While old-school matrimonial websites fail to appeal to the attitude of the young, casual dating sites and apps, on the other hand, provide a very superficial experience.

Hailing the TagSearch feature as “one of the biggest innovations in the app platform”, he added,

TagSearch puts the power in the hands of the user to determine what kind of profiles they see.

Well, the feature certainly looks good, and considering the fact that the younger generation is increasingly relying on the virtual world to form real relationships, TagSearch may just turn into a favorite of the masses, very soon.


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