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Voice And Picture Based Networking App VoxWeb, Raises $100K in Seed Round

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Social Networking start-up VoxWeb, which has a voice and picture based networking app, has managed to secure $100,000 (about Rs 65 lakh) of funding from Jitendra Gupta, Managing Director, Citrus Pay (mobile payment solutions provider), raising hopes for the company’s future prospects.

For those who are unfamiliar with the whole thing, VoxWeb heralds what may be a brand new era in Social networking. The app is part of the IIT Kanpur’s incubation program and brings a novel concept to how we interact with each other.

The app, founded by Yash Mishra, a former JP Morgan Executive, lets you post pictures and — also allows you to attach clips recorded in your own voice to them, basically creating speaking pictures of a sort. The talking pictures, can then be sent to contacts also on the VoxWeb platform or can be publicly shared to people following you on the network.

Nothing captures a moment and fires imagination better than a speaking picture. Through group photos in concerts or stadiums to incredible travel pics to emotional selfies, speaking pics or vox-pics will enable the user to capture and share a moment like never before.

Said Jitendra Gupta, who is also the Co-Founder of CitrusPay adding that,

Unlike the browser-dominated models of Twitter and Facebook, VoxWeb follows a mobile-first strategy of a Snapchat, WhatsApp or Instagram.

Well, with people increasingly relying on their smartphones for practically everything, including networking and communication, this is something which will go very strongly in VoxWeb’s favor.

Hinting at future plans, Yash says,

The best part is, there are no entry barriers. If a product is really good, it will have a global appeal, otherwise it shouldn’t exist as a consumer internet product.

Indicating global ambitions. The app has already launched for both Android and iOS platforms in India, Europe and the US with designs on South Korea, Japan and the African continent next.

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