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Twitter Removes The 140 Character Limit On DMs To Let You Write Your Heart Out

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Yep ! Get set to receive long, tiring, arduous e-mail sort of stuff instead of what we once used to call, DMs. As had already been cautioned, Twitter has finally removed the 140-character limit from direct messages.

An announcement made by Sachin Agarwal, Product Manager went like this,

If you’ve checked your Direct Messages today, you may have noticed that something’s missing: the limitation of 140 characters. You can now chat on (and on) in a single Direct Message, and likely still have some characters left over.

While adding that the public side of twitter will remain completely unaffected by this change and tweet — praise the sweet lord! — will have to stay within the 140-character limit.

You may be wondering what this means for the public side of Twitter. In a word, nothing. Tweets will continue to be the 140 characters they are today, rich with commentary as well as photos, videos, links, Vines, gifs, and emoji. So, start working on those sonnets.

The move may certainly prompt some to opt out of the ‘Receive DM from anyone’ options since while earlier, someone messaging you simply to annoy you ran out of words — literally — now they can go on and on in a single message.

On the whole though, the removal of the character limit from Direct Messages is a welcome move, and one which has been requested by users for ages. The service will also allow Twitter to launch a Direct Messaging app — Such as Facebook Messenger — in the future should it wish to, and indeed that may be one of the pushing factors behind the move.

Sending and receiving Direct Messages via the SMS service has still been kept within limits.

Twitter has already started implementing the new feature across its website and adding it to Twitter’s apps for Android and iOS platforms. The update will roll out to the rest of the world in a couple of weeks.


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