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Facebook To Offer Its Mentions+Live-Streaming Service To Verified Profiles Soon

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Facebook has confirmed that its Mentions app, which is so far exclusively available to celebrities, will soon be made available to verified profiles which may include not just a few more entertainers, athletes, and politicians, but also many journalists who could use the app to run live streams.

The app will also include access to the recently launched Live feature which allows to instantly broadcast live video streams.  “In the future, Mentions will be available to verified Profiles”, wrote the company in a reply to numerous queries from verified pages about when they’d get access to Mentions and Facebook Live.

The reply is surprising as only a few days back during the launch of Facebook Live, Facebook did not give a convincing reply to the similar queries and only said that they “want to get feedback from both public figures and viewers as we evolve the product.”

Facebook Live was launched on August 5 which allows celebrities to broadcast instant video streams to their fans who can comment in real time during the broadcast. Unlike its rivals Meerkat and Periscope where video gets deleted instantly or is available only after 24 hours, the Facebook Live video can be permanently saved which can be watched later.

During the launch, Facebook offered access to only a limited set of celebrities with verified pages such as Dwayne The Rock Johnsson, Serena Williams and in India, to our very own ShahRukh Khan who took to the platform to broadcast live streams to their fans giving a glimpse into their real lives.

Apart from celebrities, when launched for other users as well, Live can prove to be a useful feature by giving access to creators to conduct contests, DIY project walk-throughs, talk shows, first-person adventures or even on-spot journalism, something which is already popular over Periscope.

When compared to Periscope which has an early bird advantage over Facebook Live and recently touched 10 million registered users, Facebook is confident that it won’t be an issue as it already has a ready-made database of millions of registered users and followers on its website which can easily boost and bring the trend of live streaming and online video to common people.


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