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Facebook Is Reportedly Working On A Breaking News App, Similar To Twitter

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Social networking giant Facebook, in its endeavor to become the mecca of all social platforms, is currently busy programming a mobile news application under its domain of Facebook for Business initiative, reports Business Insider.

The app is not to be confused with Facebook for work — which was launched last year — and is currently in the Alpha testing stage with help from a few companies Facebook has chosen for this purpose.

The application, which is still in its ‘alpha stage’ will try to immulate what Twitter already does. There is no conformation from Facebook about this supposed news application, but its been speculated that a few companies have been roped in by Facebook to pilot the app.

Through this app users will be able to follow the publications partnered with Facebook and receive breaking news alerts about the topics that they have selected through the app. The publications will then send out breaking news alerts to its followers.

From what we have been able to find out, the upcoming app works along the lines of twitter — in its notification and alert system at least. Once someone downloads it, they are asked to choose publications (news providers) that they want to follow (or receive news from). Once the user follows some publications, they are set to go.

As soon as these publications receive some news, they quickly create a 100 word notification that contains the headline and a link to the full article on the publisher’s website. These notifications are then pushed to every mobile device which follows that particular publisher.

However, this ‘Twitter-like breaking News’ won’t be the first feature to come out of Facebook, which looks to take on Twitter.

Fearing that it will lose out on users who rely on rival social networking platforms for their business interactions, it also announced See First, a feature aimed at business page owners, which overall added minute changes to its news feed feature.

Previously, Facebook had announced its plans of launching a new app aimed solely for the interaction between celebreties and their fans, providing the celebs with a feature to Live broadcast. This, as you must have already figured out, is an attempt to take on Twitter’s Periscope.

For now, Facebook seems to be focusing on its Newsfeed feature so that it can somehow out do the capabilities of Twitter and LinkedIn and become the one stop shop for all social networking needs.


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