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Microsoft Launches Slew Of New Apps For Smart Wears, Updates Existing Ones

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Microsoft has today launched a slew of new apps for both Apple Watch and Android Wear, along with updates to existing ones. The most important among which was the increased range of its Outlook app for iOS to include the Apple watch as well.

Outlook was launched for iOS and Android devices back in January, and judging by what we have seen so far, Microsoft is making good on its promise of keeping the app well supplied with fresh updates. The recent update, that comes with Outlook version 1.3.5, and brings the Apple watch under its wings, is all part of the same drive.

The app is similar to the mailing application that comes in-built with the Apple watches. Users can swipe up at the watch face to scroll through your messages and notifications while replies to the same can be composed via canned responses, emoji or full voice dictation. The Calendar — which is also accessible through a swipe up — enables users to plan ahead and check out whatever they have to do, later in the day.

Similarly, while custom notifications let the wearer decide, what the watch should disturb him/her for, users also get the option to archive and schedule e-mails for later, all from their wrists. Well, features like these make the app quite likely to come in handy in those very busy days.

Outlook for iOS works with a whole bunch of e-mail service providers such as Office 365, Exchange,, Yahoo Mail, Gmail etc so no worries there either. The app may be downloaded via the iTunes Store, where it’s available for free.

Although the app is available only for Apple watches, we can expect Microsoft to roll out an update that will enable Android Wear to support Outlook, in the near future as well.


Another important app that has been released by Microsoft is the Translator, and this time around, Android wear is in the loop as well. The Translator app lets you speak into your watch to get phrases or words instantly translated in any of the 50 available languages, with the option to pin your most commonly used translations to your watch screen. Sweet!


Apart from these brand new apps, Microsoft has also released updates to several of it’s more popular wearable apps including the likes of Wunderlist for AppleYammer for Apple Watch, OneDrive and OneNote for Android Wear.

The OneDrive update, shows you a brand new photo on the watch face and features notifications to keep you abreast of edits to shared documents while the OneNote update will now let you see the most recently viewed notes on your watch screen. Yammer will soon be coming to Apple watch as well and according to Microsoft, will let you do a whole host of things such as get notifications or updates to conversations, use Glances to check out the the number of unread messages and so on.

The move to add new apps and update existing ones, comes even as Microsoft fights to ensure that it is present on every single platform, on every single device, in one form or the other. With Wearables emerging as the new ‘it’ device, it was only a matter of time before Microsoft went and increased its presence on them as well. An announcement from the company, which shed some light on the topic, said

Wearables are an emerging type of device that promises to be always with you and provide relevant, personal notifications to keep you focused—through simple, natural and brief interactions.

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