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Valve’s $18 million Dota 2 Tourney, The International, Delayed Due To DDoS attack

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Fans of Valve’s Dota 2 were sorely disappointed when The International — a massive, multiplayer tournament that celebrates Dota 2 — came under a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack and had to be temporary called off.

The International, which is held every year, has dozens of participants from all around the globe and has a prize pot worth $18 million — courtesy Dota fans and Valve.

Anyways, the tournament is held over the internet rather than LAN, in order to accommodate players from around the world and as such, is open to all kinds of threats. The DDoS attack which occurred yesterday, is just one example. As per VentureBeat,

Valve’s on-stage commentators confirmed to the assembled crowd of thousands that the DDoS was the reason they were pausing the action.

The attack targeted the game servers and the organizers had to call off the action for a while, before the game could resume at 4:20 PM EST.

The attack may prompt Valve to look into other, more secure ways of organizing the hugely popular tournament. A viable option may be an alternate, self-contained version of Dota 2 that doesn’t need to be connected to the game’s main servers.

Well, we are sure people are already looking into it even as we speak. Speaking for myself though, I can’t get my mind off that $18 million prize pot. Time to start brushing up my Dota skills for next year perhaps ?


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