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Leaked Front Panel Images Of The ‘Next-Gen’ iPhone Leave Fans Speculating About The Force Touch

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That season has arrived. The season of uncountable rumours coming out, months before a fresh iPhone launch. We now have a few snapshots of the front panel of the next-gen iPhone in production, indicating towards incorporation of the much hyped Force Touch technology in the new iPhone.

These images were found by the French blog on the Weibo account of Chinese repair firm, Geekbar and are of the front and rear portions of the front display.

Although there won’t be any major design changes in the new iPhone in line with the tradition of Apple to launch new design every two years, there are some significant changes in the internal components, the prime-time favourite of them being Force touch.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.34.24 pm

Force Touch (skip this of you own a MacBook/Apple Watch) enables the user to access secondary options by long pressing the screen, functioning like a right click. It won’t work with iPhone’s home screen button though, thus further fuelling another rumour — yup, removal of that iconic physical home button. Force Touch is already being used in the Apple Watch and the new Macbooks.

Even the leaked images of this new iPhone look like its predecessors with the same rounded edges of display as in iPhone 6, with a couple of minute changes. The first one is a new rectangular cutout on the upper centre of the screen and the second one is at the back side of front panel where there are small dots on the sides and rivets instead of screws and clips.

Geekbar does not mention anything about the application of these changes but it is highly likely that the new changes point towards the incorporation of Force Touch.

In addition to it, there are also reports by 9 to 5 Mac that there will be an updated NFC chip with a secure element processor used in iPhone 6S models. iPhone 6S will have a smaller logic board accommodating fewer chips allowing it to deliver faster performances with fewer power consuming parts.

This September’s iPhone launch, is pegged to be the biggest Apple launch event ever. WSJ further reports, that Apple has already asked suppliers to manufacture around 85 to 90 million smartphones by the end of the year. It has also significantly increased the display production for iPhone 6S to meet an expected 36-40 million demand in the third quarter.

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