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Halo Gets A Board Game For Itself, Does Away With Xbox Exclusivity

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Halo, the wildly popular shoot-out game for Microsoft platforms — Including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC or Windows Phones —  is coming to a brand new, non-Microsoft platform, and you may have difficulty believing us when we tell you which.

Monopoly it is !

Yup, in an overpowering example of how things belonging to completely different genres can be mixed, a holiday special, Halo monopoly game is being launched this November.

On the downside, it’s a board game — read b-o-r-e-d game for some — and getting the same thrill as shooting aliens on a Xbox One, is going to be a little hard I suppose.

On the upside though, you don’t need a super expensive console to play it, and you can pick up the Halo – Holiday Edition for only $68 in Australia ( around USD 49), and let’s face it, Monopoly is one of the most time-tested ways of bonding with friends and family members.

For those who still want to go with shooting aliens though, Halo 5 — Guardians, the latest in the series, will launch exclusively on Xbox One on October 27 but will not support split screen multiplayer. 343 has cited ‘ a wish to create the most ambitious Halo game ever’ as the chief reason for shirking split screen multiplayer, which could have posed some difficulties during immersive game play.

Well, I for one, am gonna pick up my copy of Halo Monopoly if just to see what it looks like, due to my truest fan-following for the original Monopoly.


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