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Windows 10 Launches Today As Microsoft Looks To Re-Emerge As A Software Giant

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 is all set to arrive on the scenes and with Microsoft’s own excitement reaching sky high, we find ourselves desperately looking for something better.

If you are one of those 5 million Windows Insiders, you can just agree with us,  yawn and go back to whatever you were doing. But if you belong to the other 7 Billion something and use a computer or a laptop — which is what you may be doing right now — well, day Zero is here and Windows 10 will kick off within 24 hours, starting from New Zealand and let me tell you folks, it looks to be awesome.

From the integration of Cortana — and syncing it with other devices — to the spectacular comeback of the Windows 7 start menu, albeit a bit differently, Windows 10 has it all. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most attention grabbing Windows 10 features.

  • The start menu from Windows 7 and earlier is back, and what’s more, it also has some of the apps and tiles from the disastrous Windows 8 start menu integrated into it, in a way that does not take up the whole screen.
  • A brand new all black theme — which is set by default — is there, with the option to use other colors as well. Overall much more subdued and pleasing to the eye than anything the 8 and 8.1 had.
  • An integrated Cortana assistant that is syncable between devices and responds to voice commands, similar to Apple’s Siri.
  • The Hot Corners that made you cringe with annoyance– Gone!!
  • Multi-tasking is expected to be snappier. You can now have two windows open in front of you, each occupying one half of the screen. Sweet!!
  • An improved ‘Task View’ feature, that lets you view all the open windows in one place. Previous versions of Windows did have this feature, and it could be accessed by pressing Alt+Tab (Bet half the people are checking it now), but no one really used it. The task view lets you view your app in a similar way to Mac.
  • No more Internet Explorer jokes. Internet Explorer has been replaced by a brand new browser called Edge, which has been built from scratch and runs well — albeit with a couple of minor issues.
  • Almost every single office app has been improved. Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint have all gone through a refurbishment, and feature better looks and performance.

Windows 10 was a long time coming, but Microsoft decided not to hurry and launched a whole bunch of builds picking up over 5 million testers along the way. The major question before us however, is whether the feature rich platform will be able to hold up its end among the public and if it will be able to attract the developer interest that is crucial to the success of any platform — something Windows 8 and 8.1 failed miserably to achieve.

Also, from now on, you won;t get fresh new OS releases from Microsoft, but the Redmond giant would instead push out updates to Windows 10 itself.

While there are a lot of great things about the platform, there are certain not-so-great things too. Such as the fact that users don’t have the right to say yay or nay to updates, which are automatic. However, these are only the slightest clouds on what looks to be an otherwise spotless horizon.

We will keep you updated on Microsoft’s latest along with in-depth reviews and studies. Stay tuned.


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