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Facebook Is Testing A New LinkedIn Like ‘Profile Tagging’ Feature

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In a bid to help you identify the person looking you’re looking from in those Billion Facebook profiles, the company has taken, what may seem to be, a leaf out of Linkedin’s book and added a brand new feature being dubbed as ‘Profile Tagging’.

The feature which is still under test, lets you or your friends add tags to the User profile that may include anything and everything, ranging through your hobbies to your job profile. Don’t worry though, your friends will still need your approval so that they can’t post something inappropriate behind your back.

The feature is the product of a Facebook hackathon and may be undergoing testing with a select group of people.

As per a statement on The Verge, Facebook said

Profile tags are a creative tool that lets you and your friends add tags to your profile to highlight the things that describe you and what you’re into.

Along with giving your profile a personality statement, the tags also help you search and find people, faster. That being said, the feature is still under test and there is no gurantee if it will be made permanent.

Well, lets wait and see whether the feature makes it into mainstream Facebook in the near future, or is abandoned during the course of testing, as is the case is many other bright ideas to have come out from such events.


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