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Amazon’s Aurora Exits Preview, Offers A Cheaper And More Efficient Substitute To Generic DB Engines

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Amazon’s database engine and an alternative to MySQL, Aurora, is now live and available to developers after years of intensive development and 9 months of solid testing.

Announced during AWS’s reinvent conference in November 2014, the database forms part of Amazon’s strategy of offering services, alternative to those already present on its massive databases. Once the services are offered, Amazon gives users a slight push while they are using the other, generic services and more often than not, wins converts.

The main competition in the field to Aurora, will come from services such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. While the latter have the advantage of being highly tested veterans, the former will provide 5 times the performance with a 10th of the cost, according to a statement by AWS Senior Vice President Andy Jassy at the reinvent, 2014.

Here are some of the other advantages, which were mentioned at the same event,

  • 6 million inserts per minute, 30 million selects per minute;
  • Six way Data replication.
  • Backed up on S3.
  • Fault tolerant with instant crash recovery.

Amazon is also making it easier for existing users of RDS MySQL to make the shift to Aurora from other services by providing tools along every step of the way and the last we heard, AWS partners MariaDB, Tableau, Toad, Webyog, Navicat, and Talend, have already certified their products with the brand new database engine.

The service is available at an open source price point starting from 29 cents per hour, with other more expensive and advanced options also available, which we think will benefit enterprise buyers more than any others, provided of course that Amazon is succesful in its commoditizing bid.

The service is now available in US East, US West, and EU regions with plans for expansion into other regions very soon.


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