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Fresh iOS Update Lets You Mute Broadcasters Who Periscope Too Much

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Twitter owned Periscope descended a much-welcomed update to its iOS app that adds a mute feature so that you won’t be disturbed by someone who is broadcasting live all of the time. 

Periscope, as is pretty much known primarily post its twitter acquisition, is a live streaming app that allows you to send live video feeds to your Twitter followers using the cameras on your phone or tablet.

The new feature introduced is similar to muting someone in Twitter if someone tweets too often, you can silence them while remaining a follower. The same goes for Periscope, but currently only in iOS.

To mute someone, open their profile and tap the button next to the “following” icon. Their broadcasts will still appear in your feed when you open the app, but they will no longer interrupt you.

The update also introduces a refreshed global feed. The global feed alls you to discover live streams from various users around the world that Periscope thinks would be interesting to you. You can also now filter suggested streams by languages.

Furthermore, the app has also received an ability to view your broadcast stats for previous streams. Previously, stats were only presented immediately after you ended a broadcast. Now, the update brings support for Handoff, which means that you can start watching a stream on one device and pick it up immediately on another.

Handoff requires that both devices are available via Bluetooth, and are being used with the same iCloud account. It also requires you’re on iOS 8 and a compatible version of OS X.


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