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Fresh Apple Patent Points To A Fingerprint Sensor Enabled Remote For Apple TV

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In a series of fresh patents awarded to Apple by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, the company looks forward to conceive biometric input fabricated remote control devices that might into come into use with Apple TV for distinguishing multiple users and function accordingly.

All of the three patent filings indicate towards an input device that would collect bi metric info from users and make changes to a device serially connected to it, possibly an Apple TV. On identifying the user, the device would pass command for switching over to the user’s custom profile and load settings accordingly.

Suitable sensors range from fingerprint scanners and cameras for facial recognition to retinal scanners and algorithms for deciphering voice prints have already been discussed in the patent and would be needing if any case Apple decides to incorporate this technology to its devices.

Also, present era Apple portable devices carry a fingerprint sensor along and might be used as a remote control for Apple TV meanwhile. A minor software update to Apple TV app might do so.

Apple might not actually show a fingerprint sensor on the surface of device like it does with other devices. In that case, all you will have to do is just pick up your remote and without your knowledge, all your settings will load by itself on your Apple TV. By settings, we mean settings like favorite channels, brightness and contrast, volume controls and others that a user frequently adjusts as per his need.

Personalized profiles might also be used in content discovery and per-user purchasing, much like Touch ID and Apple’s digital storefronts. Furthermore, such a system would not require child lock system to be toggled on or off. Since it will have the ability to identify the user, it could be used to restrict children to have access to TV or perhaps some specific channels as per when required.

All three patent applications were filed for on the same day in January 2014 and credit Michael DiVincent, Nicole J. Hollopeter and Ruben Caballero as inventors.


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